When I Grow Up

So there are realistic things and some not-so- realistic things that I’d like to see in my life when I “grow up”

Realism first:
·         A successful career in my field of choice (I/O Psych) (yes I’m aware no one knows what that is. Look it up.)
·         A well behaved dog (I may have to wait it out with Lil)
·         To get married and have a beautiful wedding with my friends and family around
·         To travel (Specifically to Ireland, Greece, Italy and Brazil)
·         To raise a family of well adjusted children that aren’t too normal (not that being a child of mine and being normal would even be plausible)
·         To own a home that’s furnished with not only Ikea furniture and that has a backyard
·         Have a home bar/barcart
·         Have an AWESOME master bathroom
My dream dress
Coolest home bar

Now, dreaming big:
·         I want to own a horse. Really tho. I used to ride and it would be greatttt. I would name him Sir Arquestium the Magical Steed but I would call him Magic and he would look like Starlite from Rainbow Brite and he would have glittery accessories. But, obviously, classic looking tack. (tack is saddles and bridles and shit, duh)

·         An incredible summer home in Euorpe. I won’t be picky where
·         A full walk in closet and unlimited fashion funds

·         Have a wine cellar 
·         Have chandeliers in every room (which I could do but I’m sure the man of the house wouldn’t approve)
·         A personal chef to cook sooo many yummy tings
·         Have a secret room in my house that leads to Narnia or Hogwarts

·         A personal trainer because I need serious motivation
·         Go to the Azores to see the Birds of Paradise

·         Go on an African safari
·         Go to Seal Island off the South African coast and watch Great White Sharks jump out of the water
·         Have a swim up bar
·         Have a KICK ASS tree house in the backyard

And now I will be day dreaming the rest of the day!


  1. I remember learning about I/O psych in my psychology classes at school. IT's cool that's what you want to be.

    I also want a horse and a rocking tree house too.

  2. Omg that multi-level closet! Yes, please!!! Your dream dress is gorgeous!!!
    Stopping over from the linkup!

  3. Personal chef is def on my list as well!
    Stop by some time http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

  4. Man, can I just steal your list?!

  5. That tree house is ABSOLUTELY spectacular.

  6. I'd aim for the second list. The first list will happen without trying!!

    Fur Earwig

  7. I would die for a secret room!!!!!!!!! Or a well behaved dog. Either would do just fine!

  8. i think a well behaved dog is just a mystery, or something that people pay a lot of money for!!! i'm still waiting on mine to be well-behaved. :)

    i loved rainbow brite so much! even so much now, that yes, i do own the halloween costume!

    i love the name of your blog! and i'm pretty sure that you're right about that!

  9. Love this! That dress- gorge!!!

  10. Wait, how did I not know you wanna do I/O? I was a psych major in college... girl, way to choose the psych route that will make you the most bank! I sort of failed at that part haha

    Also, I dream of a wine cellar. WANT.