Slightly More Productive Than Last Weekend

This weekend was slightly more prodcutive than last weekend. Although we obviously watched a dozen Law & Order episodes we also...

Went to a going away party for a friend I've known since kindergarten on Friday night! He's moving out to San Diego! (luckyyyyy) We went to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas and then went to a bar down the street for a black light night!

Saturday morning was a bit slow but I got up (eventually Tom did too) to move my girlfriends into their new house! One of them borrowed a "Free Candy" van (that's how she described it) from her catering job and I drove it. I think I pulled off the "I'm cute and innocent even tho I'm driving sketchy child predator van" look. Also to get the stuff out of her apartment the boys she enlisted had to bring the all the huge shit (bed, dressers etc) down a god damn fire escape. I literally went up once and when we were done I could only carry down a screwdriver because the stairs give me an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attacks at all seconds.
After moving (and pizza and beers!) Tom and I got home and I promptly passed out. After 4 hours I woke up, we ordered Thai and of course, watched Law & Order.

Sunday morning I went my weekend run with Lil and Daddy. We ran a bit further this time and Lil and I were both poooooped. That is until we got back to my parents and Lil wanted to play fetch for a half hour. Now she's napping on me and making it hard to type. 
Not bad right?
Don't judge my post-run hair
After I showered, we went to Sunset Meadow and Haight-Brown vineyards (which I get into more in this post) and got drunk. It's still not greatttttt weather so we let Lil stay home and sleep. And yes Tom is giving me the finger in that picture because I made him stand up there (its exactly like the wine stomping grape lady! If you don't know what that is here is the video) and he didn't want to but he I told him he just HAD to. We came home with 4 bottles of wine. 2 of which are Tom's favorite and I'm not allowed to have. (The Cayuga White from Sunset Meadow)


I defaced Tom's wine notes at HB
Of course Sunday dinner was at Tom's parents house and delicious. Lil loves it but it takes about 4 hours for her to calm her shit. Most of the time we're there she stands by the glass doors to the back yard and cries to go outside. Relaxing right? Don't worry, I had wine.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

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  1. I wouldn't have been able to carry anything down those crazy ass stairs either.

  2. That "free candy" van cracks me up!! I should've gotten out & ran this weekend, good for you!

  3. I love the name "free candy van." I'm going to start using that and see if anyone catches on.

  4. That totally is a rapist van. I parked next to one of those the other day in a parking garage and called my husband and told him exactly where I was parked and what the license plate of the van was in case I never made it home.

  5. That van is creepy!! Following your blog now! :)

  6. Wow those stairs look rough..looks like you had a great weekend! Ps. I agree with the above ..creepy van lol

  7. Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

    Sounds like a fun weekend! You're so nice for helping your friends move. I've moved 5 times in the past couple years and it's a pain!

    I love running! I wish I could run as long as you did. I love it but I'm not very good at it. Maybe one day!