Co-Hosting Thursday Thoughts!

I wanna say thanks to everyone who's stopping by and reading! I've had over 100 page views in one day (on two seperate occasions! I did a dance each time. Really tho) and I've had over 1000 views in total! Thanks so much, it means a lot that you guys are enjoying the ridiculousness of my life! WOO! And to the new people around- WELCOME! Come back soon and stay!

Ok. Guys, I’m so official. I’m co-hosting my first link up today! (I'm also linking up with Bre) And before the link up I want to share my thoughts because I know you’re all dying to hear what I’m thinking about.

Refinery29 may be my new favorite site. It’s basically where I get all my news (that and through Tom. Stop judging, we don't have cable. AT ALL). They have had a lot of amazing/hilarious/useful posts (check those out, they’re my recent favs) but the one that stuck with me since it was posted was the one titled There's A Scientific Reason You Look Different In Photos Than In Mirrors. Duh, I was intrigued.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks in the mirror some days and is like, “Niceeee!" Really it doesn’t happen often, so I feel the need to document it. So I take a selfie and check it out and I’m like “Fuck. What is the dealllll?” Is one eye is smaller than the other? My nose looks awkward, was it always shaped like that? I suppose I should get my hair re-highlighted because APPARENTLY I look like a fool.  And then I look back in the mirror and I’m like, “Welp, I hope I look like this version of myself and not the picture version.”

According to this post, there is a scientific reason I look like an idiot in selfies. WHO KNEW!? Apparently, our brains have a “me” picture which is the reflection we see in a mirror. Smarty pants Jordan Gaines says so. Pictures are backwards to our brains so when we see them we’re all like “What is happeninggggg” (At least I’m like that..)

Same deal with voices. The Refinery29 article is actually referncing the NBC article called Why You Hate the Sound Of Your Voice (which I totally do, but honestly I think a lot of people don't like the sound of my voice). You hear your voice from inside your head so when you hear it from an outside source you’re like “bleckkk.”

In honor of this enlightenment, I thought I’d leave you with a bunch of selfies. In at least most of them I was tryinggg to look cute. I typically give up and make stupid faces tho. I’m good at that. But apparently I look better in them than I thought.

Note: The one where I'm shooting myself was because Taylor Swift came on for the
MILLIONTH time that day and it's my co-workers radio so I just have to deal.
Also Note: Tom and Lil do NOT like cooperating in selfie pics.
Also- I hope you like my use of props (sunglasses, sunshine thing, massive bottle of Baileys)
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  1. I totally do this after I pluck my eyebrows. I would look in the mirror and think they look good and then see a picture and one would look totally different from the other one.

  2. love your selfies and i don't think you look like you an idiot you look like you know how to have fun and laugh at yourself and be silly!

  3. Your pictures just made me laugh hysterically out loud. LOVE it!

  4. oh my gosh... I am such a bad bloggy friend. I feel like I visit your page on the daily & yet I come how was not following via GFC :) oops sorry friend.

  5. This is amazing & hilarious & beyond relateable. I'll have a great day in the mirror thinking "damn girl, you look good!". Then I'm in a photo and all I can see is that one of my eyelids looks weird or something. #girlproblems

  6. I love all your selfies! Hilarious! I'm the opposite, I hate how my voice sounds to myself in my head, but I like it when I hear it recorded or over voicemail or something. Weird!

  7. Love the selfie collage. If I did one of those, I would lose all 38 of my followers :)