Tainted Compliments

I am not good at taking compliments. Like, I’m horrendous. I mean I don’t put much effort in most days but when my friends compliment me it doesn’t count because I don’t get weird and when Tom compliments me I think he’s kidding because he jokes about everything. (Plus I think he’s given up because I attack him with clarifying questions after each compliment. "Do you really think so?" "Are you sure my hair doesn't look bad?")

ANYWAY getting complimented by a complete stranger is different because they have no ulterior motive (did you know that was spelled with a “U”? I did not. And I kept thinking spell check was an idiot for not understanding what I was getting at. Embarrassing) another one of my fantastic new bloggie friends Beth had a recent post about getting asked out at the gym and I figured I’d share my ridiculous and kinda flattering (less so than Beth's) story. Also, go visit her. She's fucking great. And I kinda have a girl crush on her

When Lil and I go out for a walk she gets, on average, 3 compliments. Every time there are people around someone is saying "what a handsome dog" "what a cute dog" "aren't you adorable!?" "that's a great looking dog" I could go on. So on this particular day, Lil had already been told I was "lucky to have such a good puppy!" (If they only knew) and we were just about to head into the building when a guy who was probably a bit younger than me says, "I love.." now, I'm expecting to hear a, "your dog" but he finishes by saying "your hair." I'm like, shit yea Lil, mom's still got it! And I'm smiling and say thank you as I walk by and just as soon as he passed, he finishes his thought a bit loudly saying "Sexy as FUCK."

I'm all "Umm what? Thanks? Really tho?"

Sick. Probably my only compliment of the day and it's ruined because this guy had to be creepy and kind of offensive.

Duh, it's FRIDAY so I'm linking up with Tiffany for Let's Be Friends and Whitney forrrrr
This song came on the radio while I was on the way home from my girlfriends apartment and you can't NOT pass along some MJ. Enjoy it.
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  1. uhhhh I just died... definitely creepy girl.. but hey shake it off i think your hair is sexy ;) in the non-creepiest way possible!!

    yay fridayyyy

  2. girlfriend I think you're great too ;) but seriously, I'm over here LOLOLOLing over his compliment... BUT CAN YOU BLAME THE KID??

  3. Hilarious...what is with men who compliment you very nicely and then ruin it with some ass hat follow up.

  4. i am the worst about taking compliments. ugh. but love them and love this one...hahaha