Thursday Thoughts

There is a link up that Jamie and Jamie (yes, they’re both named Jaime) made for getting to know other bloggers which is pretty cool. Plus this one is easy! I just post about basically whatev and it’s part of the link up! This weeks cohost is Allison.
Toby's Tails

Here are my Thursday Thoughts:

I have decided my true calling is to be a children’s book author. I KNOW RIGHT? I’d be perfect! I have all the qualifications:

1.       I’m literate
2.       I love cute things
3.       Happy is the only type of ending I tolerate
4.       I love kids
5.       I pretty much day dream in childrens book form

Basically perfect for the job. Alsooo to explain #4- when I’m bored/tired/cranky/upset/mad which I am a lot of the time at work, I think about what my life would be like if I were Lil. In my day dream version of Lil she’s not a complete ass and therefore is allowed out of her crate when we aren’t home. Then the story goes something like Beethoven’s day. (I tried to find a video of it.. I couldn't. Just go watch the movie. 

On top of that, I love tiny and baby things i.e. this tiny pig in rainboots.

Adorable I know.

Here’s a story board for my first book. And anyone who actually writes children’s books if you take my idea I’ll totally know it and I’m gonna blackmail ehhh probably just write a passive aggressive letter. Also if you could go ahead and not judge my drawings. Thanks. And yea, I spelled surprise wrong. Whatever that’s why there are editors.

What do you think? Some real good stuff here, right? Yea. I'll have to get an illustrator but I feel like the story speaks to the trials of real life toddlers. Plus I'm pretty sure Lil was born to be a star.

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  1. Just fill your book with cute animals like that and I will even read it! :)

    1. Haha right? I'm a sucker for cute animals doing cute things

  2. Hilarious. My aunt and I have a whole fake series based on our dogs.

    1. We need to team up. We could be the next best sellers! Well.. maybe :)

  3. I love kids, even though I am still a kid. I am following you via bloglovin' and gfc:)

    Townhouse Palette